Cultural Studies @ UNC encourages the examination of those areas of cultural knowledge where disciplines overlap, intersect and collide, producing productive debate, fruitful collaboration and disciplinary self-reflection. It emphasizes the multiplicity and variety of cultural formations and practices both within American society and around the world, and insists upon the historical and geographical specification of both “culture” and specific cultural practices within cultural studies. Cultural Studies @ UNC provides opportunities for faculty and students from disparate disciplines to engage in discussion, teaching and research across common interests in questions of culture and power. It provides opportunities for students and faculty to encounter and engage with theories and methods that might open up new ways of approaching their own research and teaching.

Cultural Studies @ UNC is designed to serve both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the other universities of North Carolina. It offers the opportunity for an undergraduate major and graduate certificate in cultural studies. It supports interdisciplinary courses, both individually and jointly taught, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and it will encourage new and experimental models for teaching (such as integrating classes with guest speakers and mini-conferences). It will develop programs for training educators and faculty in cultural studies (through summer workshops), and provide a home base for visiting scholars from other countries. It will house a number of different working groups for interested faculty and graduate students to support collective study and research. It will encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research by organizing and participating in national and international networks of cultural studies centers. It will sponsor a variety of campus activities aimed at enhancing the interdisciplinary study of culture, including visiting lectures, visiting professorships, postdoctoral fellowships, and a variety of conferences (ranging from the local to the international). Additionally, it will undertake a program of publications aimed at contributing to the interdisciplinary study of culture and enhancing the intellectual environment of the University of North Carolina.