Uniqueness of the Program

Cultural Studies @ UNC is unique, even among other cultural studies programs. It is designed as a pan-university program that will take advantage of and serve all of the resources of the UNC-CH campus. Moreover, CS@UNC plans to extend its activities to involve other campuses and universities in the state, ultimately becoming a state-wide center for cultural studies.

While firmly supporting and encouraging the interdisciplinary commitments of cultural studies, CS@UNC seeks to work with the disciplines (and graduate students are requsciplinary programs.

Every institutionalization of cultural studies is defined by the intellectual resources of its particular faculty and the traditions they represent. CS@UNC draws on and serves a unique combination of disciplines, including communication, anthropology, sociology, history, geography, international and area studies, African-American studies, law, art, English, education, medicine and public health. The strong presence of the historical, social and biological sciences especially distinguishes UNC’s program in Cultural Studies. CS@UNC seeks to bring the excitement, fluidity and relevancy of cultural studies research into the classroom, by combining curricular and programmatic concerns, and by placing pedagogical commitments at its center.