Affiliated Faculty

Arturo Escobar
Kenan Distinguished Professor, Anthropology

Gregg Flaxman
Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature

Lawrence Grossberg
co-Director, Cultural Studies Undergraduate Major                                                                         Morris Davis Distinguished Professor, Communication

Wahneema Lubiano
Associate Professor, African and African American Studies

Federico Luisetti
Professor and Department Chair, Romance Languages and Literatures

My research is informed by a transdisciplinary approach to literary, visual, and cultural studies. After writing on art theory, philosophy, and literary studies, in my recent scholarship I have explored vitalist paradigms in the historical Avant-gardes and post-structuralism. In my latest publications I propose a naturalistic alternative to the cultural hegemony of Western transcendentalism, rethinking – through a close dialogue with decolonial and indigenous perspectives – the hidden political and epistemic implications of primitivist, orientalist, and exoticist motives.

Chris Lundberg
co-Director, Cultural Studies Undergraduate Major
Associate Professor, Communication

John McGowan
Director, Institute for Arts and Humanities
Ruel W. Tyson, JR Distinguished Professor of the Humanities, English and Comparative Literature

Todd Ochoa
Associate Professor, Religious Studies

Michal Osterweil
Lecturer and Director of Internships, Curriculum in Global Studies

John Pickles
Earl N. Phillips Distinguished Professor of International Studies, Geography

Alvaro Reyes
Assistant Professor, Geography

Eunice Sahle
Associate Professor and Chair, African, African-American, and Diaspora Studies
Associate Professor, Curriculum in Global Studies

Barry Saunders
Associate Professor, Social Medicine