The following is a list of courses that have been offered in the past that may be of interest to undergraduates majoring in Cultural Studies and/or graduate students pursuing the graduate certificate in Cultural Studies. Course offerings shift frequently, so make sure to discuss your course of study with your advisor. If you have any questions about the course’s materials or when it is offered please contact the offering department.

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CMPL 251 Introduction to Literary Theory
COMM 318 Cultural Diversity
COMM 350 Practices of Cultural Studies (Required for CS majors)
COMM 412 Critical Theory
COMM 450 Popular Culture
COMM 750 Cultural Studies
GLBL 210 Global Issues
GLBL 487 Social Movements: Rethinking Globalization
GLBL 390/490 Special Topics
GSLL 67 Blackness in the European Imaginary, Europe in the Black Imaginary
GSLL 280 Race in Atlantic Culture
HNRS 650 Politics of Life and Death
ITAL 830 Seminar on Research Topics (past topics have included biopolitics and avantegardes)
RELI 121 Introduction to Religion and Culture
RELI 236 Religions Things
RELI 423 Ethnicity, Race, Religion