How do I know about upcoming Cultural Studies courses and events?

-The best way to stay on top of everything CS@UNC (and sometimes beyond!) is to Join the Listserv. If the form on this website does not work, please contact uncculturalstudies@gmail.com.

Can I get an MA or PhD in Cultural Studies from UNC?

-No. UNC does not offer a PhD in Cultural Studies. It does, however, offer an Undergraduate Major and a Graduate Certificate.

What is a Graduate Certificate?

-The Graduate Certificate in Cultural Studies is earned alongside a student’s primary degree. The certificate helps students gain a thorough understanding of Cultural Studies’ history as well as develop a set of interdisciplinary tools for investigating their own research questions.

What is the process for getting the Cultural Studies Certificate?

-The process for getting the certificate is described here. Because of the program’s emphasis on interdisciplinarity students are primarily responsible for their own progress through the certificate. Of course, they should consult with their departmental advisor, cultural studies advisor, and the director of the cultural studies program to discuss their plans, but each individual is ultimately responsible for her/his own progress and completion. When a student feels s/he has completed the necessary steps, s/he should email the uncculturalstudies@gmail.com address with a description of the requirements fulfilled.

Do I need to be part of a working group to get the certificate?

-No. Due to serious budget constraints, we are no longer able to financially support working groups. There are still some good options around, but we understand that it is difficult to find and become a part of interdisciplinary groups when their structural support is foundering. Instead, make sure to take an extra interdisciplinary course and be prepared to speak to how your work addresses a central set of interdisciplinary concerns.

What will I get when I finish the certificate?

Upon completion, the student will receive official recognition of their work as a mark on her/his transcript. There is no paper certificate associated with certificate completion.