Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies @ UNC administers a concentration certificate for both MA and doctoral students who wish to augment their field of study with interdisciplinary study in cultural theory and methods. Students are expected to achieve fluency in several critical, cultural theories in relation to a variety of research problems, a reflexive attitude toward theory and methodology that reflect current and historical issues in Cultural Studies, and an ability to conduct interdisciplinary research: to engage perspectives and empirical studies from diverse disciplines rigorously and productively.


  • Meet with the director of CS@UNC*. To make an appointment, please email the current program director (Dr. Lawrence Grossberg, You may want to have your cultural studies adviser approved at this meeting.
  • Declare intent to complete a graduate certificate by completing the online Declaration Form. On this form you will be asked what your research interests/research questions are. This question is not meant to “weed out” potential recipients, but to help us connect scholars in the CS community who have similar interests. It is imperative that we have a record of all students currently completing the certificate in order to administratively legitimate the Certificate’s existence on UNC’s campus. 
  • Determine your Cultural Studies adviser. You are required to have a cultural studies adviser while earning the Graduate Certificate in Cultural Studies. It is recommended that you meet periodically with your CS adviser to discuss your course of study and your relationship to the project of cultural studies (especially as it is reflected in your research project and your teaching goals). These meetings are not required and will in no way be monitored. While your CS adviser may be on your MA/PhD committee this is not required.  A current list of potential advisers is available on our Affiliated Faculty page.
  • Complete 5 required courses including: One (1) graduate-level course explicitly devoted to Cultural Studies (Comm 750 or another course approved by the certificate director); if you are unsure of whether a course meets this requirement, please contact your cultural studies adviser or the director of CS@UNC*. Four (4) graduate-level courses selected in consultation with your CS adviser and the program director, two (2) of which must be from outside your home department. These courses should be interdisciplinary, theoretically grounded, and connected with Cultural Studies even if not directly framed in those terms.  Students are strongly encouraged to include work on questions of cultural/social difference, political economy and contemporary cultural theory.
  • Email a description of your completed courses to Be advised: you CANNOT receive your certificate until this step is completed.

* The current director of the Graduate Certificate in Cultural Studies is Dr. Larry Grossberg,


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