Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is an international journal which explores the relation between cultural practices, everyday life, material, economic, political, geographical and historical contexts. It fosters more open analytic, critical and political conversations by encouraging people to push the dialogue into fresh, uncharted territory. It also aims to intervene in the processes by which the existing techniques, institutions and structures of power are reproduced, resisted and transformed.

Cultural Studies understands the term ‘culture’ inclusively rather than exclusively, and publishes essays which encourage significant intellectual and political experimentation, intervention and dialogue. Special issues focus on specific topics, often not traditionally associated with cultural studies, and occasional issues present a body of work from a particular national, ethnic or special tradition.

The journal represents the truly international and interdisciplinary nature of contemporary work in cultural studies, and since its inception in 1987, has reflected the discipline in becoming ever more global in scope and perspective(s).

differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies

differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies first appeared in 1989 at the moment of a critical encounter—a head-on collision, one might say—of theories of difference (primarily Continental) and the politics of diversity (primarily American). In the ensuing years, the journal has established a critical forum where the problematic of differences is explored in texts ranging from the literary and the visual to the political and social. differences highlights theoretical debates across the disciplines that address the ways concepts and categories of difference—notably but not exclusively gender—operate within culture.



International Journal of Cultural Studies

International Journal of Cultural Studies (IJCS) is a fully peer reviewed bimonthly journal edited by John Hartley and now indexed by ISI – Impact Factor pending. Promoting theoretical, empirical and historical research representative of international perspectives on cultural and media developments across the globe it explores the globalisation of the field and the study of the impact of globalisation on local cultural practices and media ecologies.



Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies