Eligibility, Procedures and Requirements

Students interested in Cultural Studies should be strongly motivated, self-disciplined, and able to assume responsibility to ensure the success of their curricular program.

Students interested in majoring in Cultural Studies should take Comm 350, Practices of Cultural Studies, in order to learn more about cultural studies and the benefits of this program of study.

If you would like to learn more about majoring in Cultural Studies, you should peruse this site, take Comm 350-Practices of Cultural Studies, and/or email the director of Cultural Studies and set up a meeting. The current co-directors of the undergraduate major are Dr. Lawrence Grossberg and Dr. Chris Lundberg, clundber@email.unc.edu. In this email or in a meeting you can explain your interests and the director can help you determine if Cultural Studies is the right “fit” for you. Once you declare a Cultural Studies major you will be assigned an advisor who will then approve and continue to oversee your program and progress, using the existing declaration of major and worksheet.

To officially declare the Cultural Studies major email Elizabeth Cox at escox@email.unc.edu with “Cultural Studies” in the subject line. You can also meet with her in her office, G17C Steele Building.

By the end of the 1st semester of your 3rd year, you will need to write up, in consultation with your advisor, a brief formal description of your area of interest in Cultural Studies and how your program served those interests.

Each student must complete at least 8 courses (24 hours) approved by his or her advisor. Students are required to take Comm 350 “Practices in Cultural Studies,” preferably as early as possible. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to take a course on cultural diversity, such as Comm 318 “Cultural Diversity” and a course  on critical theory, such as Comm 412 “Critical Theory”.  These courses are not your only choices on cultural diversity OR critical theory; please speak with your advisor regarding your options. No more than 4 courses (12 hours) taken in the same department may count toward the major credits.

A student should strengthen his or her course of study by choosing some B.A. level perspectives and electives that complement courses in cultural studies. Unlike students in departmental majors, cultural studies students may choose appropriate perspective courses from any departments.